Harvest Festival a Success!!

Thank you to everyone who came to the 2021 Harvest Festival and a special thanks to all of those who helped us put on a fun event.

Twenty-six people earned their Tractor Driving Certificate this year, instructed by Troy Anderson on his beautiful John Deere 1939 B.

Members of the 5th Minnesota Infantry camped overnight and gave demonstrations all day, including drills and shooting their Howitzer cannon.

We had trail rides, music, good food and a beautiful day!

Michael Lindberg was the winner of our door prize! Thanks to all who donated, all who signed up for the door prize and all our new followers.

We held our annual membership meeting at 5:30, with several members in attendance. The Board of Trustees for 2021-2022 are: Paul Sando, President; Cody Wagnan, Vice President; Chad Fullmer, Secretary; Valeska Hermanson, Treasurer; Patrick Donegan, Monique Stelzer, Cathy Scheibe, Torie Jones, Andrew Jossund, and our brand new Trustee, Amy Dyrdahl.

Please join us again next year!


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