Garden Plots

The Probstfield Organic Community Garden currently has about 100 plots available for rent each year.

  • Each plot is 20ft x 30ft. The cost is $50 for the first plot and $25 for a second plot.
  • Each gardener is also required to pay a $25 refundable deposit.
  • Each gardener is responsible for the care of their own plot and everything grown in a plot belongs only to the renter of that plot.
  • All gardeners are expected to assist in upkeep of the common areas.
  • Depending on the weather, our garden season runs from about mid-May to mid-October

Amenities include:

  • Water – we have both a well and a portable tank when rain is lacking
  • Mulch and Compost available for purchase during Garden Registration
  • Porta-potty
  • Tool shed
  •  Wheelbarrows and an assortment of basic tools for gardeners to borrow
  •  POCG Garden Newsletter
  •  Membership in the Probstfield Farm Living History Foundation (PFLHF)

A variety of activities are held throughout the garden season such as:

  • Registration days
  • Probstfield Farm picnic
  • Group work bees for upkeep of common areas
  • Seed/seedling exchange, garden tours, Randolph Awards day, and more depending on member interest
  • We also have a Garden Committee to assist the Garden Coordinator with planning, for the chance to exchange ideas, and get to know our fellow gardeners.
  • All garden members are invited to be a part of the committee.

Other points of interest:
There is a wide variety of wonderful nature to observe. Children love to hunt for bugs, inspect interesting plants and weeds, visit the bee hives which are owned by a local bee keeper (Three Bears Honey), watch the monarchs, keep an eye on the wood duck nesting boxes, or be fascinated by the killdeers making their nests on the ground. Children and grown ups alike will marvel at every green and growing thing in their gardens and be renewed, inspired, and nourished.

Vegetable farming in action:
You may see folks working in the areas surrounding the garden plots. In past years, the land not used for garden plots has been used to grow a wide variety of vegetables for the Great Plains Food Bank and to sell at local farmer’s markets.

If you see some guys driving tractors around, or mowing, or tilling, they are likely from the tractor enthusiasts community that meets at the farm. They put in a lot of volunteer time for us, so be sure to wave to them and say “Thanks!”


1 thought on “Garden Plots

  1. Kayla

    Hi there I am interested in renting a plot this year. Not quite sure how to go about getting the plot! Hope to here back thanks!


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