Our Gardening Principles

Our Mission

We are not only gardeners, but stewards of the land. We are deeply committed to the past, present, and future of organic, diversified farming and its message of hope for a sustainable future for all.

Our Practices

All gardeners are required to adhere to organic gardening practices. This means:

  • No chemical weed killers or herbicides
  • No synthetic insecticides. These chemicals kill beneficial insects including bee, butterfly, moths, and predetory insects
  • These chemicals also persist in the air, water, and soil
  • No chemical animal repellants
  • No synthetic or sulfur fungicides or soil fumigants (used to kill nematodes)
  • No pressure treated or painted wood, railroad ties, or plastic mulch. These can have harmful chemicals that may enter the soil
  • DO use organic seed and starter plants whenever possible. Heirloom varieties are also encouraged
  • DO use compost and mulch for both weed control, water conservation, and enriching the soil
  • DO use water wise garden practices to conserve our precious water resources
  • DO use only organically derived fertilizers (for example, there are many organic fish-based, seaweed extract, compost tea, worm casting based fertilizers)
  • DO use crop rotation for pest control and soil health

Gardeners should look for “OMRI Listed” on the label of any product they are considering applying on their garden. This certifies that the product meets the National Organic Program Standards fo the USDA. Gardeners can access the OMRI approved list on their web site: www.omri.org.

All gardeners are expected to be use respectful and responsible community garden practices. This means:

  • Keeping their plot in pleasant condition during the entire garden season
  • Volunteering a minimum of 4 hours towards upkeep of the common and shared areas of the garden
  • Using water wise gardening practices
  • Getting to know their fellow gardeners
  • Not picking produce from other members’ plots. Theft will not be tolerated.
  • No unleased pets anywhere in the garden

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