Probstfield Farm is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving, interpreting, and sharing the heritage and legacy of Randolph M. Probstfield family farm.

2 thoughts on “EVENTS + VISITORS

  1. Donald E. Larew

    I am inquiring to see if there is still an opportunity to attend the gathering on Sunday May 5? I was a charter member/donor and served on the board early on but no longer receive any notices of the activities of the organization. I just learned of the upcoming event on the Arts Partnership posting.

    1. Probstfield Farm Post author

      We would LOVE for you to come and please invite others who may be interested. We’re working on compiling a list of all of the former board members and also hoping to improve our communication with all members and donors. One of our main methods of keeping people informed will be this blog and you can get the blog posts via email if you sign up on the main page. Our facebook page also share the blog posts, if you’d prefer that to email.


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