Bogusville – A Tent Town

early moorheadThe exhibit starts in 1871 when Moorhead was founded by the Northern Pacific Railway bridge over the Red River. By that time, though, the Probstfields had lived on the Red River Frontier for most of a decade. The exhibit talks about the Wild West tent town of Moorhead but it does not mention that the year before, that tent town was at Probstfield Farm. Everyone thought the railroad would cross at the Probstfield’s place, so all the gamblers and gunmen and townspeople gathered around the house and set up a tent town. Randolph sent the family up to East Grand Forks to get away from the rough characters in the town. When the real site of the railroad bridge was announced, the tent town left Probstfield Farm and went three miles south, creating Moorhead and Fargo. They called the old tent town at Probstfield Farm “Bogusville” from then on.

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