A “Wet” Family Legacy


Cornelia Probstfield Gesell moved to Wisconsin and became active in the fight for women’s suffrage in La Crosse.  According to family lore, this pennant and a matching banner, were also used in a parade in Fargo, ND.  HCSCC Collection – donated by June Probstfield Dobervitch

The Probstfield family was Progressive in their politics. Randolph and Catherine’s daughter Cornelia was active in the Women’s Suffrage movement. She married and moved to La Crosse but her son, Ray Gesell, returned to the Probstfield Farm in 1916. He was the driving force behind the farm until his death in the 1980s. Although the Women’s Suffrage movement was often Dry in their politics, Cornelia’s father (Randolph) owned a saloon for a time, her brother (Andy) worked in a brewery, and her son (Ray) opened a bar after Prohibition.


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