A Happy Autumn!

We’re happy to share some news about recent successes by the Probstfield Foundation. Last winter we applied for, and received, a $10,000 grant from the Minnesota Historical Society to obtain architectural drawings necessary prior to the repair the exterior of the Probstfield home. Built in 1868 by Randolph Probstfield, the home is the oldest standing home in the Red River Valley in the United States. Moorhead’s own Michael Burns Architects, Ltd, completed the drawings in September.

Cover of MBA, Ltd report showing Probstfield House around 1880

The next step is to apply for a grant for the interior drawings and then we hope to apply for large grant to start construction on the exterior in the spring of 2023.

We also applied for and were awarded a huge discount on the online Quickbooks program through TechSoup. TechSoup is a non-profit providing technology software, hardware and knowledge to qualifying non-profit organizations. A fantastic service for the non-profit community!

We had a good year. We were in several parades, had a 4-H Animal Science Day with small animals on the farm, had a great Harvest Festival and continued our work in preservation and education. Our fields are empty, water is turned off and the weather has a beautiful fall chill to it. Happy Autumn to all!

President Paul Sando and his 1937 John Deere pulling Education Moorhead members in the Probstfield hay wagon at the Greater Moorhead Days Parade

1 thought on “A Happy Autumn!

  1. Gini Rainey

    All of this is such great news!  So glad to be a part of all of this….Great granddaddy would be very proud of everyone’s contributions and efforts!  Thank you so much – all of you!

    Gini Rainey      Dream Weaver


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